A New Day Spa | Body & Facial Contouring/Rejuv
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Body & Facial Contouring/Rejuv


Thermodynamic Collagen Facial

Great also for: Cellulite removal and Reduction Double chin reduction, renewal and regeneration of collagen Stretch mark and lax skin reduction Hand and decollete improvement Superficial and deeper fat layers Painless treatments Collagen Stimulation RF energy causes the skin tissue to respond with a process called “neocollagenisis”. This tightens and remodels the collagen, improving the structure and tone of the skin, reducing sagging and wrinkling. Full non-invasive face-lifting and sculpting of the body can be achieved rapidly.


Facial Rejuv/Botox & Fillers

Botox & Fillers are administered by one of the finest “Facial Rejuv Artists”/Nurse Practitioners of our time! Having trained, apprenticed, & worked for some of the finest board certified plastic surgeons who work on well known celebrities, we are blessed to have her available to give you STUNNING results! There is no one better in this field!.